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Tween Boys Spreading a Read and Repeat Philosophy

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September 29, 2016

Vance Tomasi and Chase Hartman are changing the world with one book at a time.

The Tampa elementary school students are sharing their love of reading with those who are less fortunate. The duo spent this summer establishing rea

d.repeat., an organization that collects and distributes books – including children’s, adult fiction and non-fiction, religion, and cookbooks – to schools, libraries, nursing homes, churches, and hospitals.

With the help of their younger brothers, friends, and other volunteers, Tomasi and Hartman have already raked in and distributed upwards of 10,000 books – meaning they’re well on their way to their goal of 20,000, which they hope to reach by the end of February.

One of their major achievements is the gift of 1,400 books to Robles Elementary School. James A. Haley Veterans Hospital, the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Tampa Port Ministries are also among the recipients of read.repeat.’s generosity.

To learn more about the efforts or to donate, visit the organization’s website.

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