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Are you interested in setting up a Book Drive to collect books for read.repeat.?  Do you want the books to come to us in Tampa or would you like to distribute them in your area under the name read.repeat.? 

Contact us and let us know you’re starting a Book Drive.   

We’d love to hear the details and are here to offer advice!

Contact the organization or school and ask for specifications and guidelines on the types of books accepted.  

For instance, an elementary school will only want school age-appropriate material.  A prison may only request paperbacks and a rest home may prefer large print books.  We know our local VA Hospital always requests paperbacks and prefers not to receive romance novels or books about war.  It’s best to know what you’re asking for in advance. 

Identify who will be your donors. 

Are you a member of a Girl Scout Troop or Cub Scout Pack?  Would your church run a book drive for you?  What about your school?    If you can’t align with a larger organization, then think about your friends and family and make a list of all the people you plan to ask for books!  Don’t forget to use social media to ask for donations. 

Collect the books!  

Place a drop-off box in front of your house or at your school for those who want to deliver.  You may also want to place them in local stores.   Of course, you may have to drive around and pick them up too! 

Sort the books. 

Make sure they are all in good condition.

Set up a date to donate the books.  

If it’s a large quantity you may want to write a press release.  Also make sure you place your efforts on social media. 


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Here are some ways you can donate:

In Person

Collect books and get them to us!


Make a cash donation to purchase books.

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